Content26 Launches Amazon Advertising Dashboard Demo

Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel sheets: content26 has launched a demo of its new Amazon Advertising dashboard. Our proprietary executive dashboard offers our clients a visual and easily digestible way to understand advertising campaign data from Amazon. Updated daily, it features key advertising metrics, such as ad spend, sales, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and conversion rates.content26 Amazon advertising dashboard preview

The dashboard offers many ways to break out the data and is available to all our Amazon Advertising clients. It displays everything from broad year-over-year reports to details on individual campaigns, and an intuitive drop-down menu helps clients quickly see the key data points that are the most important to them.

If you’re curious about what else is new with content26, check out our year-end update.

Which Metrics from the Amazon Advertising Dashboard are Most Important?

We know that metrics matter. But, we also know there’s a lot of data out there, and it can be tough to figure out where to focus. Many brands make the mistake of keeping their focus too narrow.

We’ve found that a holistic view of the Amazon Advertising data is essential to getting it right. In our article, “Amazon DSP Business Case: Quantifying Success,” we talked about scenarios the DSP metrics fall short in capturing the value of Amazon’s demand-side platform (Amazon DSP). Our strategists found a comprehensive view of the data can reveal a more accurate picture of what DSP is doing for a given brand.

We have also seen, and predict that we will continue to see, Amazon moving toward building brands. Rather than focusing on simply being a sales channel, the retailer has been moving to empower established brands. This means a holistic view of data from the channel will be even more imperative.

Our Amazon Advertising dashboard captures the all the data and displays it in a clear way that helps brands navigate the metrics to see the big picture. All our campaign strategies are based on data, which helps us continuously take our learnings into each new campaign and ensures our strategies are customized to work for your brand.

Two Ways Brands Get Data Wrong

Only Focusing on ROAS. Like we were just talking about, paying attention to all the data can give a much better picture of your overall strategy and performance.

No Plan of Action. Admiring the data isn’t going to get you more sales (although it does look great in the dashboard!). Brands should not only evaluate what is working and what isn’t, but be prepared to make changes to follow the data where it leads.Amazon Advertising dashboard from content26


Getting it Right

Begin with the Basics. Make sure your product pages are ready to convert before you start fine-tuning your advertising campaigns. You will want to update your essential content (such as the product title, bullets, basic product description, and main product images) and use enhanced content to optimize your pages with videos, 360 views, comparison charts, and additional details. Amazon Experiments Learning Center also allows you to A/B test your A+ content, so you know you’re getting the most out of your pages.

Use Paid Advertising. Once your pages are optimized, use Amazon Advertising to make sure consumers can find your products easily. Paid ads can not only help at the outset, but they can boost your products up the search rankings, since Amazon rewards clicks and sales with higher search placement.

Reexamine. Using content26’s Amazon Advertising dashboard, you can easily see which campaigns are meeting your goals and if any are falling short. The data is displayed in an easily digestible way to make sure you make the right decisions and get the most out of your ad spend.

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