Content26 Website Relaunch Celebrates Brand New Galaxy Partnership

Content26 is excited to announce a website relaunch that celebrates our addition to the Brand New Galaxy family of companies. This fresh and modern site redesign is courtesy of Spacecamp, a Brand New Galaxy agency that specializes in web design.

The relaunch not only gives our website a stylish makeover, it also better illustrates how we can help brands improve product discoverability and provide online shoppers with branded shopping experiences, and serves as an ideal jumping off point for exploring the expanded capabilities that partnering with a team of like-minded international agencies affords.

content26 website relaunch


The content26 Website Relaunch Is Just the Beginning

As part of the Brand New Galaxy family, content26 can now offer our clients more substantial solutions for standing out on the digital shelf, both in the US and around the world.

Content26’s inclusion in the BNG family leverages years of communications, e-commerce, and advertising expertise in both the United States and Europe to create a more holistic platform for our clients. By strengthening media solutions on a global scale, the partnership of content26 and BNG creates new competitive advantages in e-commerce at a time when comprehensive global strategies are imperative for brands.

“With online shopping at an all-time high due to COVID-19, brands are quickly realizing the need for access to a broad range of global media and advertising services, which they now have under one agency with Brand New Galaxy,” said Tony Martinelli, CEO and Founding Partner of content26. “We could not be happier to join a company whose global operations and integrated capabilities will help our clients stand out from competitors in the e-commerce media and content space.”

In April 2022, Brand New Galaxy was itself acquired by Stagwell Media Network, a global community of leading omnichannel agencies—another partnership about which we at content26 are excited to share more information in the coming months.

New Capabilities with Brand New Galaxy

Content26 is the ninth agency to be acquired by Brand New Galaxy, a global marketing and technology platform that is purpose-built to drive commerce for brands and one of the fastest-growing privately owned holding companies in Europe. The other network agencies include Pathfinder 23, a global e-commerce agency; Synthrone, an e-commerce automation tool; Spacecamp, a global digital agency; Life on Mars, a beauty and fashion production studio; New Gravity, a software and DTC partner; Voyager, an e-business agency; Robonauts Pictures, an e-commerce production house; and Man on the Moon, an HR agency, as well as Dubai-based hub Brand New Galaxy MEA and Amsterdam-based hub Brand New Galaxy AMS.

Under this umbrella of diverse and talented companies, content26 now has direct access to an expansive suite of marketing and technology solutions. Being part of Brand New Galaxy enables us to truly expand our focus globally, thanks to end-to-end e-commerce support and an expertise of European retailers that you simply cannot achieve as a US-only agency. With 600 full-time experts in more than 25 countries, these highly specialized companies combine and connect to deliver top-notch marketing and technology solutions in all key areas, from strategy and consultancy, creative & design ideas to UX, technology and development.

Additionally, partnerships with Spacecamp and Robonauts Pictures greatly expand the technological and creative capabilities we can offer our clients moving forward. No longer simply specialists of e-commerce content and advertising, content26 can now offer cutting-edge video production, photoshoots, website builds, and more.

Content26 Brings Amazon Expertise to the Global Marketplace

Of course, successful partnerships work both ways, and so content26 is also excited for what we can bring to Brand New Galaxy and their family of creative agencies. As an inaugural member of the Amazon Advertising Find-a-Partner Directory, content26 is proud to be an Amazon Advertising partner agency. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked together with clients big and small to craft successful Amazon strategies and are looking forward to take that expertise to the global marketplace.

“The acquisition of content26 enriches our e-commerce offering, allowing us to provide clients and prospects with e-commerce content fueled by media solutions on a global scale,” said Kacper Kłos, CEO of Brand New Galaxy. “By having content26 on board, BNG has acquired a globally recognized Amazon content and advertising powerhouse.”

As part of the Brand New Galaxy family, we are thrilled about all the new ways we can help our clients stand out from competitors with their content, advertising, and e-commerce media.

Let's work together.