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Conversion Optimization Tips Infographic

There is no magic bullet, no golden ticket that can ensure your online retail success. But there are a few things that can help. has put together an unmissable infographic of conversion-optimization case studies, and it offers plenty of tips that are worth both time and consideration.

The first case study looks at headlines and whether abstract, intellectually driven or emotional, fact-driven words will spur your viewers to buy/click/follow you down your yellow brick road. The result? A factual, concrete headline that tells your viewer exactly what they will get is far more successful than trying to lure them in with hype and hand-waving. The graphic also offers some great design-related tips.

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More Optimization Tips–This Time, in a Video

To keep the theme of multimedia running, I also have a video exposé to share. Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing shares different ways to dig through the data and find out what analytics will help improve your sales. The process begins with your target audience–what are they like? Once you know that little tidbit, you can optimize for keywords and other search-related factors. As the analytics come in, you can see whether your traffic matches the consumers you are after and look at where they are in the buying process. Are your consumers looking at broad terms indicative of general exploration, or are they coming in ready to buy? This information allows you to customize your content to convert the traffic that enters your site.

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Payvment Moves Forward

And now, a public service announcement. Facebook store creator Payvment has left beta behind and will be steaming ahead full-force. They’ll be offering a revamped seller dashboard as well as new premium features like more advanced analytics and multiple storefronts. This might just make them a real contender in the muddled F-commerce arena.

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