CPG Branding Study Identifies Content as Key to Conversion

CPG products and brands have had an online presence awhile now, but little research has been done to determine their effect on conversion rates. Accenture, comScore, and dunnhumbyUSA recently completed a study that looked at 10 food and household brands with between $40 million and $3 billion in annual sales. The results highlighted what we at Content Ping have been saying all along: websites with strong, engaging content are an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.

This study’s focus on branded content differs from our usual look at content merchandising, but it still holds valuable lessons regarding the function of well-written content as it relates to conversion rates. “Fresh content” (blog posts and polls) and “engaging content” (games and promotions) were identified as two of three key factors that led to higher in-store sales. Building and maintaining these components can seem expensive without immediate payoff. However, the study showed that consumers visiting the top ten CPG websites in the survey spent over 200 percent more on the brands than non-visitors.

These kinds of statistics are hard to ignore–they point to the fact that today’s consumers continue to grow savvier in the way they engage with brands across channels. A stronger ability to navigate these channels also seems to raise expectations of how brands foster dialogue with consumers (hello, social media), which suggests that brands will need to continue building strong multichannel campaigns with a focus on content development.

Read more at econsultancy.com.


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