We’re Going to the CPG Online Digital Grocery Summit

On November 5, online grocery experts will be gathering at the Hyatt in Chicago for the 2015 CPG Online and Digital Grocery Summit. Hosted by My Digital Shelf, it will be an intimate, invite-only gathering of about 100 elite, from multichannel, mobile, and online shopping strategists; to CPG brand marketers including Fresh Direct, Sam’s Club, and Peapod; to an even smaller and more select crew of consultants, retailers, and content specialists. With online grocery rapidly growing in the UK, brands are looking to expand the US market. And the Content26 team will be there with bells on.

Mark White, content26 President

Mark White, content26 President

With the right set of data tools, and the right content process, brands can continually measure and adjust its product-page messaging for ever-evolving marketing needs: new product releases, seasonality, keywords, and competition, to name a few. The Digital Shelf Summit in Chicago will provide us with a laser focus on how the marriage of data and content can give brands the edge they need in this highly competitive landscape.

The summit will feature presentations from Content26 and other experts in order to foster and strengthen the brand-retailer relationship at CPG in online grocery. Presentations will cover everything from SEO, customer conversion, point of purchase content, and other topics that bring shoppers to click that “Buy Now” button. And because it’s a small gathering, international brands will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in-depth with the thought leaders giving the presentations and sitting in the audience. The end goal is to forge new partnerships so brands can find the best possible platform for their products.

Sarah Kingham, Director, My Digital Shelf

Online grocery is set to expand by $15 billion a year for the next five years in the US. I’m very excited to be providing a platform that will bring together the key retailers and brands in the States to discuss how to achieve eCommerce success and get their share of the industry’s fastest growing sector.

Brands and content strategists alike have identified and are looking for ways to grow the online grocery market in the US. In 2014, the UK had the highest revenue internationally in online grocery with approximately 4.4% (£7.7 billion) of all grocery sales, compared with 3% ($18 billion) in the US (third internationally after France). CPG knows that to translate that growing market in the UK to the market in the US, more attention must be paid to content and SEO. Plus, search engines in online grocery are pretty new. That means there’s enormous potential to expand the availability, convenience, and revenue of grocery ecommerce. Plus, for that percentage of shoppers that are already picking up their weekly necessities online, attention will be given over those few days in Chicago to how search terms, recommended items sections, and the check out page can push buyers to add more to their baskets as effectively as special displays in physical locations. And, of course, there will be Amazon-specific presentations about how to make the most of a product on that platform–a topic we’ve long taken an interest in.

We’re geared up for a trip to the windy city to exchange exciting expertise with innovative thinkers and some of the biggest brands in the world. Keep your eye on posts to come: We’ll be live tweeting the event, we’ll share our insider expertise in online sales with you as well as the attendees, and we’ll report back with the intellectual and insightful riches we collect while we’re there. Stay tuned.

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