Create Effective CTAs by Mapping Content to the Sales Cycle

Let’s say you have stellar content for your product pages, customer service section, and blog. You even have educational and interactive content that might rival the lure of Draw Something if your consumers stop doodling long enough to find it. You still need to get people to that content with good navigation and strong calls to action (CTAs). HubSpot walks us through creating calls to action for every page on a site by mapping them (CTAs and individual pages) to different stages of the sales cycle: awareness, evaluation, and purchase.

Say you’re trying to sell a niche product like a flower-dispensing pull cart for pets. Chances are, many of your site’s visitors performed a search like “how to include my pet in my wedding” and casually clicked on your website without knowing what they’d find. They might be your ideal customers, but they don’t know what they’re looking for (or what you’re selling) yet. A visitor in this stage–the awareness stage–will benefit far more from reading the story behind the product and perhaps watching a video than from reading instructions for using the cart or customer reviews. All those content pieces need to be on your site, but they also need to be most accessible when and where they’ll be most effective.

HubSpot’s article discusses mapping web pages to the sales cycle and using analytics in greater detail than need be reflected here. Although their focus is on marketing offers, the basic process can apply to any content on any website. At the very least, you’ll benefit by identifying holes in your content you might have otherwise missed.

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