Creating Smart Content for Product Families

JOHNSON’S baby recently published Amazon product pages that leverage Amazon modules to showcase content for the entire product family.

Ever since Amazon A+ content requirements changed in May, we began looking for innovative approaches brands were taking to tell a compelling story about a product family or product line.

 Boilerplating Helps Shoppers Make Connections

What we found is that some brands have begun to develop boilerplate enhanced content which can be leveraged across products to enhance their brand and product experience, an approach which takes its cues from intelligent content and modular content.

Let’s look at when it makes sense to take this “boilerplate” approach to content creation:

  • Related Products – Any time you want to cross-sell closely related or complementary products
  • Product Family Focus – When you have a story about a product line or family, but not as much to say about each of the individual products
  • Limited Text – When you need to lengthen product descriptions, but have a limited amount of product-specific text to work with
  • Bundling Requirements – When you need to bundle A+ content for an entire product family to meet Amazon Module 2.1 requirements

 JOHNSON’S Baby Takes Product Family Focus

The A+ pages in JOHNSON’S baby BEDTIME line caught our attention because they focus on a routine and the benefits of that regimen across the product family, while still showing what makes each product unique.

Boilerplate text and design layout is used across the entire BEDTIME product line, focusing shoppers’ attention on the 3-Step Routine, which features all three BEDTIME products.

“It’s important that content provides information on product benefits, but more importantly it’s about providing utility and value. In this example, we’re helping moms see the benefits of a bathtime routine and getting a good night’s sleep,” says Faisal Rangwala Senior Manger eCommerce at Johnson and Johnson Consumer, Inc.


JOHNSON’S Baby Content Tells Brand Story

“The content does a good job of telling the story of the bathtime routine, and connects with moms in a very personal and relevant way,” says Faisal.

In our view, the bright, easily identifiable icons and imagery help tell the brand story while making the page visually appealing.

The benefits of the routine are clearly laid out, offering information about the currently selected product while simultaneously offering information about related products used in the routine.

By focusing primarily on the product family across all three pages, the customer is given consistent messaging no matter which page they visit, and can clearly see that these three products are meant to be used together.


Each Description Unified, Yet Unique

Following the copy outlining the routine, each product page for the BEDTIME product family then features unique content for each individual product. Unique content is critical for building consumer confidence when purchasing online.

Each product page contains highly impactful product photography which help shoppers visualize the product as well as detailed product copy, and scannable bullets outlining each product’s specific features and benefits.

The details of each product are still presented within the broader arch of the nightly routine, while calling out their individual role within it.

Bundling Helps Cross-Sell on Amazon

Finally, all three BEDTIME products are presented together in a product comparison matrix, with clickable links to all three products within Amazon for optimal cross-selling.

Though there are many other Johnson’s baby products that theoretically could be grouped with these BEDTIME products in a product matrix, the choice to limit the chart to only the direct product family helps guide the customer to the essential related items without overwhelming them with too many tangential products.

The Takeaway:

Cross-sell your products efficiently while making the most of Amazon’s new Module bundling requirements by focusing on clear, consistent information that relates to entire product families, while still emphasizing what makes each individual product unique.

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