Standout Content for Amazon Kitchen and Bath

The home and kitchen categories on Amazon have each seen about a 25 percent year-over-year increase, meaning Amazon is a platform that demands careful attention for sellers in these categories. The Amazon kitchen and bath categories cover many standard household items, such as pressure cookers and pillows, but even window treatments, hardware, and accessories accounted for $70 million in Amazon sales.

We set out to discover which brands had effective Amazon content, and are bringing you the highlights to inspire your own product pages. I’ll also get into a few tips on how to make your content stand out after we take a look at the best-in-class examples.

And, if you’ll be at the Kitchen and Bath Show on January 10, you can hear content26 President Mark White talk about ways the Amazon kitchen and bath segment is growing and what your brand can do to get your content in shape.

Amazon kitchen and bath faucet

To find standout brands in Amazon kitchen and bath, we evaluated more than 1,000 bestselling products across 427 brands. We analyzed each product’s essential and enhanced content for compliance with Amazon’s standards and adherence to industry best practices.

Standout Content in Amazon Kitchen and Bath


Amazon kitchen and bath MoenOverall, Moen has great Amazon content. Title length came in at an average of 83.9 characters, close to the Amazon-recommended limit of 80. There are numerous and diverse above-the-fold images, and the essential content bullets are helpful.

Moen also invested in enhanced content, making use of Amazon’s mobile-friendly modules to provide additional information. The enhanced content features a linked product comparison chart, giving consumers other options to explore within the brand in case they find the exact product they are looking at is not for them.

We did see room for improvement: the essential content had repeating bullets on some product pages. This makes the page look sloppy and wastes some of the most premium space for content.


Kraus has also pulled together some nice content. On average, the titles were long, but the essential content shows robust imagery and decent bullets. Unfortunately, what looks great on the computer screen can fall flat on a mobile one, and this is the case for a lot of Kraus’s images. Many of the images feature text that isn’t visible on a small screen.

The enhanced content on Kraus pages is well-done, with good detail and a comparison chart.


Kohler’s Amazon product pages stand out for their use of video at the top of the page. The essential content is decent, although the bullets leave room for improvement and the lifestyle images don’t show much variety.

While the pages do feature enhanced content, they do not make good use of available modules. Though the text talks about lots of available colors and the spacious sink bowl, only white is featured in the lifestyles and there are no shots of the bowl.


Amazon kitchen and bath insinkerator

The InSinkErator pages are fantastic, with an optimal level of detail in the essential content (minus a couple points for the same repeating-bullet issue we saw with Moen). The lifestyle imagery is varied and helpful in both the essential and enhanced content. The enhanced content makes effective use of module options, including the ever-helpful comparison chart.

Advice for Your Amazon Product Content

Now that we’ve seen a few examples of good content from the Amazon kitchen and bath segment, here are five steps to help you move from inspiration to action.

  1. Check on the basics. Make sure your essential content is clean, well-written, and provides adequate information. Read our articles How to Write Essential Product Descriptions for Amazon and How to Write Product Titles for Amazon to help you get started.
  2. Expand with enhanced content. Consumers are using Amazon to research your product, and you want to be ready with the information they need to make a decision.
  3. Optimize for search. Both your essential and enhanced content should help your product pages in the SERP rankings on Amazon and external search engines.
  4. Use Amazon Advertising to boost discoverability. Once you’ve got your content optimized, you want to make sure consumers can find you. For many brands, that means getting a little extra help with advertising.
  5. Evaluate. Don’t forget to check on your content! As you learn from your Amazon ad campaigns, you can adjust your content to meet consumer needs.

With more than 1.1 million products in its catalog, the Amazon kitchen and bath segment is crowded and competitive. If you’ll be at the Kitchen and Bath Show, make sure you catch content26 President Mark White for more.

Editor’s Note: On September 5, 2018, Amazon rebranded its advertising platform. Amazon Marketing Services changed to Amazon Advertising and Amazon Advertising Platform changed to Amazon DSP, among other changes. This blog post was changed on October 5, 2018 to reflect those changes.

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