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Recently we’ve spotlighted several product pages on this blog that use best practices in both essential and enhanced content to offer customers an excellent online experience. Both the Calphalon omelette pan and the Prismacolor art set we covered have a variety of engaging features, so creating enhanced content to highlight those features seems fairly straightforward. In this post, we will showcase a product page for an item with less distinctive and flashy features that still stands out on the digital shelf with great content: a towel bar from Moen.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

Amazon Product Page Essential Content

As we’ve covered before, essential content is the foundation of a positive shopping experience for customers and impacts how a product is indexed on Amazon’s search engine. Ensuring that the product title, bullet points, and product description are properly formatted, are an appropriate length, and are not stuffed with unnecessary keywords or phrases helps raise the discoverability of the product by separating it from similar products. It also lets customers know exactly what they are buying, so they can feel comfortable pressing the buy button.

This Moen product title offers everything a potential customer needs to find this specific towel bar and differentiate it from the many similar versions that Moen sells. It follows the recommended naming convention:

Brand Name + Series Name + Model Name + Form Factor + Unique Identifier (color, capacity, pack size, etc.)

This makes it easy for customers to quickly distinguish if this is the size, series, and finish that they are looking for. Including the model number in the title (YB0818BN in this case) is good practice for items like this that belong to a specific series or set.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

The bullet points for this product offers a high-level description of the product, and this page does an excellent job of keeping that information scannable. Five bullets is the optimal length for this section, with each bullet covering distinct features and benefits the towel bar offers. Concision and efficiency are key in an effective bullet point section, and Moen does a great job conveying pertinent information about design, durability, ease of installation, usage, and warranty in this set of bullets.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

An ideal product description is one paragraph that clearly explains the product’s features and benefits in simple, easy-to-read sentences. A product description should expand on the information given in the bullet section without simply repeating it, and it should never try to be A+ content. Attempting to add HTML, Java, or special characters to the product description to make it look “enhanced” can result in Amazon penalizing the product in search results.

The product description for this Moen Towel bar is short and to the point. Design features are expanded from the bullets, letting customers know about the intended aesthetic. The key features, benefits, and distinguishing characteristics of the towel bar are clearly and effectively explained.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

A+ Content For Moen

The benefits of creating A+ Content are multifaceted. A+ Content allows manufactures to curate their own digital shelf, giving them the opportunity to thoroughly and thoughtfully present their products to customers. Some A+ content, for consumer electronics for example, can excel by dutifully describing the myriad of features so that customers feel sufficiently informed to buy the product. This is not the route that needs to be taken for a product such as a towel bar, and Moen does an excellent job of playing to this product’s strengths in its A+ content.

Honestly, there is only so much that can, or needs, to be said about a towel bar but all that needs to be said about this towel bar is done so concisely and effectively. Offering key information in a variety of formats (paragraphs, bolded headers, concise bullets) allows readers to learn about the product in a way that is most comfortable for them, whether they prefer to simply scan the page for information or dig deeper for detailed information.

Perhaps the most important information a customer wants about a product like a towel bar is visual. Moen does a great job thoroughly covering the product’s features and benefits in the text, the strength of their A+ content comes from including a variety of images to visually demonstrate how the product will look while being used. Moen includes high-quality, expandable photos of the towel bar on its own, highlighted in the bathroom, and with the rest of the Arris line of products, which offers a dynamic view of the product in action. The visual presentation on this A+ page is attractive and informative, giving customers a clear understanding of how the product will look inside their home.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

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