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When companies put in the effort to optimize their product pages, they ensure potential customers have all the information they need to confidently move forward with the purchase. We recently looked at a Calphalon page on Amazon that put best practices into action for an exceptional user experience. In this post we’ll be looking at a similarly excellent product page from Prismacolor that is a great example of how companies can improve their essential and A+ content on Amazon.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

Amazon Product Page Essential Content

Essential content is the first impression that a product page makes on a potential customer, so it needs to convey product information efficiently and effectively. Essential content consists of product titles, bullet points, and product descriptions, and in addition to providing important information to the reader, it also plays a large role in how the product is indexed by Amazon’s search engine.

A properly formatted product title clearly states what is being sold and offers enough information to distinguish the product from nearly identical ones. Overly long titles stuffed with keywords not only distract and annoy customers, but can negatively impact the product’s ranking in Amazon’s search results. A properly formatted title follows this established naming convention:

Brand Name + Series Name + Model Name + Form Factor + Unique Identifier (color, capacity, pack size, etc.)

Prismacolor has included all of the relevant information about this coloring kit in their product title without adding unnecessary filler or search terms. The title lets the customer know exactly what is included in the kit, offering useful information while also helping to separate it from similar products. By specifically including the components of the kit in the title, Prismacolor has injected relevant search terms that can add to the product’s discoverability. This clear, concise, and properly formatted title is great example of how to achieve ideal organic search results on Amazon.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

The bullet points for this page are packed with information, although one could argue they might lose scannability by being overly descriptive. Since bullet points appear “above the fold” on the Amazon page, they are an incredibly important piece of real estate on the product page. They are the first bit of extended information a customer sees, and if they don’t do their job effectively, they could be the last.

These bullets clearly describe whom the kit is intended for (adults beginning their coloring journey) and the benefits of each of the included components.  The language Prismacolor uses here is lightly conversational but full of useful information about the product.

They’ve offered six bullet points, some of which contain multiple sentences. Ideally, bullet points should only offer the most important features of the product in quick, easily digestible bits. Bullet points should never be paragraphs – concision is key. These bullet points work effectively, but they push the limit of how much information a bullet point should contain. Including more copy increase the risk of seeming daunting to read.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

The final piece of Essential Content is the product description. This section offers manufacturers a full paragraph to overview the product’s features and benefits. Prismacolor expands on the information given in the bullet section to give richer descriptions of the kit’s components without simply restating information they have already presented. The language they use is descriptive and warm, with evocative phrases like “intensely colorful” and “creamy cores that allow you to blend, shade and layer like a professional artist.” This product description is highly informative without being overly long, presenting the product and its unique features in clear, easy-to-understand sentences.

Improve A+ Content on Amazon

A+ Content for Prismacolor

The benefits of creating enhanced content on are considerable: In addition to boosting discoverability on Amazon, A+ content also offers a better digital shopping experience for customers. Effective A+ content combines info-rich copy with compelling product and lifestyle images to create a full picture of the product for potential buyers. If essential content helps get shoppers to your product page, then A+ content leads them to the buy button.

This Prismacolor page contains everything a first-class A+ page needs. Clear headers and concise bullet points offer quick scannability for those who skim for information, while in-depth paragraphs deliver detailed information for those looking to learn as much as they can about the product and its features. The images Prismacolor have chosen for their A+ content are bright and colorful, and offer expanded views of each of the kit’s individual components like the illustration marker and pencil sharpener. By creating enhanced content that is both informative and visually compelling, Prismacolor offers their customers a dynamic view of their product on the digital shelf.


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