E- and M-Commerce: Amazon’s Reign and Smartphones’ Rise

People like Amazon (not the forest, although I’m sure that’s lovely). According to a recent e-tailing group and PowerReviews study reported by Marketwire, e-commerce shoppers spend a lot more time researching products than offline shoppers. With 60 percent beginning their product research on Amazon.com, and 85 percent referring to the site at some point during their search, “Amazon.com is the de facto site for product reviews and price checking.”

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In the world of m-commerce, Forrester research anticipates smartphone shopping will rise from $6 billion this year to $31 billion by 2016. And not all of the shopping will be done on the phone, Sucharita Mulpuru says, but a lot of it will be done with the phone. Consumers will use their smartphones to access product and price information. Mulpuru also predicts m-commerce will comprise 7 percent of web sales by 2016.

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Ali Al Saqqa, of Norway-based Boost Communications, also draws our attention to the rise in mobile use and (inevitably) m-commerce, with a brief look at the Arab world. He cites a Gartner study predicting more consumers will access the Internet through mobile devices than through PCs by 2013. “Your customers are moving to mobile. Mobile is very much here to stay. Are you?”

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