E-commerce Trends from 2022: Our Top Posts from the Year

For many, 2022 brought something of a return to normalcy after a hectic start to the decade. At content26, 2022 brought new beginnings as we found our place alongside a variety of talented partner agencies at Brand New Galaxy. With fresh perspectives all around us, we had clear eyes for examining the present and looking toward the future. Here are the most popular blog posts of the year at content26:

e-commerce trends from 2022


Amazon Vendor Central v. Seller Central: What Are the Benefits?

Perhaps it’s not surprising that this article was the most popular of the year, as the differences between Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central remain perennially confusing. For brands, manufacturers, and independent distributors, it can be hard to know which platform is best, but this article serves as a handy pro/con list for anyone looking to hawk their wares on Amazon.

Pathfinder 23’s Jakub Krysiak on Trends in E-Commerce Design

How important is site design in the purchasing process for customers? How are designers striving to create websites that are inclusive for people of all ages? Which trends are shifting fastest in the world of e-commerce design? Our conversation with Jakub Krysiak, Head of Design Operations at Pathfinder 23, offers a variety of insights into the constantly evolving world of e-commerce design and how it affects a customer’s willingness to buy.

Preparing for Prime Day 2022: The How, When, and Why

Unsurprisingly, Amazon’s e-commerce dominance did not waver in 2022 and their explicitly commercial holiday “Prime Day” remained a singular event on the retail calendar. For brands selling on Amazon, Prime Day is rife with opportunity, so we offered a collection of tips for maximizing Amazon Advertising budgets, insights on how selling on Prime Day can be instrumental for brand building, and how the one undeniable secret for mastering Prime day is simply to prepare early.

Tracking E-Commerce Trends with Pathfinder 23’s Piotr Tomczuk

It’s only fitting that this blog post regarding e-commerce trends from 2022 features an article specifically about tracking e-commerce trends. The world of e-commerce is constantly shifting, so we spoke with Pathfinder 23 E-Commerce Strategy Director, Piotr Tomczuk, about how monitoring and predicting future trends is critical for long-term success. This article offers myriad insights from an industry professional to help brands navigate the ever-changing waters of e-commerce.

Content26 Website Relaunch Celebrates Brand New Galaxy Partnership

Joining the Brand New Galaxy family of agencies allows us at content26 to offer our clients new and more substantial solutions for standing out on the digital shelf, both in the US and around the world. In addition to announcing our newly revamped website, this article also gave us an opportunity to introduce the expansive suite of marketing and technology solutions now at our disposal by joining under an umbrella of such diverse and talented companies.

The Takeaway

Our top articles of 2022 are a mix of current trends and more speculative looks into the future through the eyes of seasoned professionals. Honestly, list-topping topics such as confusion about the specifics of selling on Amazon and wanting to get a piece of the Prime Day action probably aren’t going to decrease in page clicks any time soon. But as e-commerce continues to evolve, it’s equally important to look toward the future and try to chart a course by predicting what one might find there. Judging from this collection of posts, our readers clearly have one eye on the present and one on the future.

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