E-Retailers Bringing Black Friday to Facebook

Get a Sneak Peak this Holiday Season

According to a recent article on Internet Retailer, 44 percent of consumers are planning to use social media during their holiday shopping. Stats like that are enough for e-retailers to stuff their Facebook fans full of discounts.

Retail giants Walmart and Best Buy are throwing out sneak peeks of Black Friday deals to get shoppers ready for deep savings, while others are betting on creating a buzz through competition. Amazon.com subsidiary Quidsi, Inc. is unveiling Battle of the Brands, a competition pitting brands against each other, while their fans vote for the winners. The winning products in each category will be discounted 30 percent from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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Rich Snippets Improve Your Search Engine Results

Craig Bradford of SEOmoz points out why e-retailers should all be utilizing the Schema.org vocabulary and rich snippets. Don’t know what that means? Well, it’s time to find out.

Schema.org vocabulary is a tool for websites that helps show rich information in Google and Bing search results. Bradford reminds us that the common myth regarding Google not recognizing Schema is no longer true. Using rich snippets on your site does not affect the appearance of your page itself, but will improve the way search engines understand and present your content on SERPs. For example, a product listing on a SERP will show details such as product star ratings and price ranges, which will help your potential customers make more informed decisions about a product even before they reach your site.

Schema Rich Snippets

The use of rich snippets can enhance your product listing on a Search Engine Results Page.

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