Easy2 Overview

Easy2 Company InformationEasy2 started off as a website offering how-to tips for home improvers. Easy2DIY.com quickly drew a large following of folks interested in a wide range of home renovation topics, like how to hang ceiling drywall.

As the site grew in popularity, it added animations, step-by-step instructions, and a slew of product information. Founder John Bukovnik quickly realized the content created by the company had value to both manufacturers and retailers and began moving Easy2 to focus on syndicating its content.

Full-Service and DIY Product Syndication

A big step forward in Easy2’s race to become a major player in product syndication occurred in 2007 with the launch of their web-based MYO (make your own) software platform. Through its user-friendly interface, MYO gives manufacturers the ability to create their own merchandising content and syndicate it to e-commerce sites.

Over the past five years, Easy2 has continued to build on this concept, allowing clients to distribute interactive product demos, buying guides, how-to tutorials, and branded stores. Easy2 product demos are also mobile and tablet optimized, and many clients rely on the company’s “full-service assembly” option in which Easy2 writes content and creates assets for them.

Exclusive Rich Media Provider for Lowes

Given its origins in home improvement, it’s no surprise that Easy2 acts as the exclusive provider of rich media to Lowes. The company has also branched out into other product lines like toys and consumer electronics.

Today, Easy2 syndicates content for 150 manufacturing clients to approximately 200 e-commerce sites.


Easy2 Dillards Microsite

Easy2 created this pop-up content for Dillard’s.

Easy2 Walmart Inline

Easy2 created this inline content for Walmart.

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