eBay Tests New Ways of Selling

The online marketplace eBay has begun testing programs that offer offline help to potential sellers.

In one pilot program, eBay will send a van by your house to collect items. These are then handed over to an “expert seller” who lists the items on the site and takes a cut of the sales proceeds.

A second test program allows would-be sellers to drop their items off at a shopping mall for resale on eBay.

“People make their living on eBay and that feels good, but to be the belle of the ball, we have to step it up. We can’t get complacent,” Devin Wenig, eBay’s president of global marketplaces, told AllThingsD. “We have to move faster and innovate at a quicker pace.”

The article also notes that eBay has 350 million items for sale, nine times that of Amazon.

You can read more about changes taking place at eBay at allthingsd.com.

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