Ecommerce Trends from 2018: Our Top 10 Resources From the Year

Before launching into a new year, we at content26 are pausing to bring you our most-loved content from the past 12 months. Ecommerce trends from 2018 included lots of interest in Amazon Premium A+ modules, as well as the acceleration of voice-powered shopping. The year also saw a number of significant changes from Amazon, including the continued growth of the company’s marketing services.

Below are the five blog posts and five resources with the most traffic and engagement from the year.

Thanks for reading our blog, and we hope you will stick with us for the ride in 2019.

Our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2018

Mid-way through 2018, Amazon changed the name of its marketing services to Amazon Advertising. Many of our posts were updated for clarity.

  1. At the very start of the year, Amazon confirmed its commitment to content by making Basic A+ content free for all vendors. Our post Amazon Basic A+ Content Now Free for All Vendors gives a few reasons to celebrate this change and looks at the next tier of content available to brands.
  2. Speaking of the next tier, Amazon’s premium A+ modules were a source of debate: to invest in them or not? Account Manager Dave McCaul answered many of our clients’ burning questions in the blog post Advice for Working with Amazon Premium A+ Modules.
  3. As Amazon Advertising established itself as an essential marketing tool, we dove into the details with our post Five Mistakes Brands Make When Using Amazon Advertising. The post outlines key mistakes brands can avoid to keep their Amazon marketing strategy running smoothly and effectively.
  4. Another ecommerce trend from 2018 is voice-powered shopping. Devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and others have made significant inroads into consumers’ homes. We looked at the implications for search and how Amazon’s Choice plays a role in our post Understanding Amazon’s Choice and Voice-Powered Shopping.
  5. We also went back to the basics as we saw a lot of engagement with The Benefits of Amazon A+ Content. The blog post looks at the differences between Amazon A+ content and Amazon Premium A+ content, as well as how each of them can benefit the product page.

Our Top 5 Resources from 2018

  1. This past year, we published our ebook The Definitive Guide to Amazon Advertising. We created the guide to help brands understand what is available and how to get the most out of the marketing services Amazon offers.
  2. Amazon Premium A+ modules are another ecommerce trend from 2018. In our webinar Understanding Amazon Premium A+ Content, Account Manager Dave McCaul and Director of Content Trinity Hartman talk in depth about Premium A+ content to help brands decide whether it is the right choice for their products.
  3. Our ebook about Premium A+ content that has also continued to be popular. Unlocking Amazon Premium A+ Content dives into the details of what makes Premium A+ different, the pros and cons, and even the cost of the service.
  4. In another favorite resource, David Zimmerman took us through an overview of the Amazon Advertising Platform (now renamed the Amazon DSP). Though the name has changed, the workings are the same. He reviews how the tool fits into an overall Amazon marketing strategy in Getting Started with Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP).
  5. David Zimmerman also talked about Amazon Premium A+ with our video Understanding Amazon Premium A+ Content.

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