Ecommerce Trends from 2019: Our Top 5 Blog Posts

The years’ end is quickly approaching and we at content26 would like to present you with our most popular blog posts from the past 12 months.

Since our first post in 2010, the content26 blog has explored emerging Amazon and ecommerce trends and also provided a platform to share expertise around content and advertising. Stick with us in 2020 as we continue to discuss ways to innovate on Amazon.

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Our Top 5 Blog Posts on Ecommerce trends from 2019

  1. Wondering if Amazon A+ content is worth the investment? In October, Amazon launched a testing tool for high-traffic ASINs. Amazon Launches ‘Experiments Learning Center’ to A/B Test A+ Content looks at the value of using this new tool and offers advice for fine-tuning A+ content.
  2. Any brand serious about advertising on Amazon needs to make sure their product pages are retail ready. Great Content is the Foundation of Your Amazon Marketing Strategy provides the necessary steps to ensure content your Amazon marketing strategy is built on a reliable and effective foundation of content.
  3. We teamed up with researchers affiliated with the University of Washington’s Sales and Marketing Strategy Institute to study the impact of carefully crafted Amazon product pages. The post, Study Provides Blueprint for Effective Amazon Content, covers the results of our study and how they can be utilized to develop effective Amazon content.
  4. In a bid to win hard-fought ad dollars, Walmart began shifting its advertising strategy. Walmart Digital Advertising Moves In-House discusses how brands should invest in Walmart digital advertising and the steps needed to determine whether it’s a good fit.
  5. Google and Amazon have historically been the two most-utilized advertising platforms but a recent study found that 41% of marketers are using Amazon’s display search compared to 35% for Google. Ecommerce trends shift fast and it’s important to understand why brands are moving to Amazon DSP. New Study Finds Amazon DSP Overtaking Google explores ways to optimize Amazon search and display ads and whether they are the right solution for you brand.

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