Effective Amazon Marketing Services Reporting

Reporting is a fundamental part of being successful with Amazon Marketing Services (and paid search advertising in general). Of course, it’s important to be able to show the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising efforts. However, you should also be able to use AMS reporting to optimize your accounts by adjusting bids, adding or pausing keywords, and testing new ad copy.

Being able to convey AMS metrics in a meaningful and insightful way is a challenge for paid search advertising agencies. A valuable report should highlight areas of AMS campaigns that are working well and areas which need improvement. An exceptional report should also give agencies the opportunity to strengthen their professional relationship with their clients by offering analytics reporting and optimization services.

Below is an example of our own Amazon Marketing Services reporting that gives that additional insight into your online business:

AMS Account Performance

The report below consists of several tabs of AMS performance insights. The account performance tab includes a summary of your current ad spend, remaining budget, generated sales, and ROI. Depending on your business, our AMS report can customize your account by segmenting it by category or sub-brand.

Amazon Marketing Services Reporting Example 1

AMS Campaign Performance

This report allows you to view performance data for your AMS campaigns by ad type – Headline Search, Product Display, and Sponsored Products.  It also highlights each ad type’s ACoS (advertising cost of sale), sales, and impressions. We also include which campaigns are performing the best (and worst) on a week over week basis.

Amazon Marketing Services Reporting Example 2


AMS Campaign Performance by Week

Interested in seeing how your AMS campaigns are performing over time? Our campaign performance by week report helps our clients visualize their overall campaign performance – KPI’s can include sales, spend, average cost per click (CPC), clicks, impressions, and ACoS. This report is a great way to look for common themes that resulted in either a spike or drop in performance.

Amazon Marketing Services Reporting Example 3

Report data is important for analysis and campaign performance statistics. Our different report types contain meaningful data that can be further used to improve your AMS campaign performance.

If you’re looking for AMS experts to help manage your PPC campaigns or interested in learning more about the reporting services we offer, contact us for a consultation.

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