Endless.com to Join Amazon Fashion

Five years after launching, Amazon-owned site Endless.com will be will be coming to an end. The designer shoe and accessory e-tailer will become a part of Amazon.com/Fashion, Amazon’s new high-end fashion effort. Reviews from Endless and Amazon shoppers are mixed.

Spark Life blog editor Emma Chastain says, “I’m really sorry to see your stand-alone web site going away…In my opinion, it’s 100% more usable and easy to navigate than Amazon.com/Fashion.”

Though Endless has always been an Amazon project, it offered different brand messaging and attracted an audience who might not otherwise shop on Amazon.

Cost may be one reason for shuttering Endless, though RW Baird Investment Analyst Colin Sebastian reminds us that shoes and apparel, in general, are difficult categories to sell online. He says: “I think Endless was an experiment, and whatever Amazon learned from Endless they are now ready to roll that back into the main site.”

Endless.com’s move to Amazon.com/fashion is scheduled for Thursday, September 27th.

You can read more at internetretailer.com.

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