Enhanced Content on Amazon Vendor Express

One of our most popular blog topics is Amazon Vendor Express, the service Amazon offers to sellers who don’t qualify for the invite-only Amazon Vendor Central.

We’ve found that – for most brands – managing Vendor Express content is too clunky and expensive to be worth the effort.



We put together this overview of creating content through Vendor Express so that you can decide for yourself if the service is right for your brand (just don’t ask content26 to create Vendor Express content for you).

Enhanced Content on Amazon Vendor Express

Amazon Vendor Express didn’t have A+ content creation options when it first launched in March 2015, but they added it in September of that year. Clearly, Amazon understands that A+ content (the Amazon-specific term for enhanced content) has been shown to increase shopper engagement while decreasing return rates.

While Vendor Express product pages look the same as those available to Amazon vendors, there are a couple of key differences. First, several of the more advanced modules are not available, putting many of the cross-selling capabilities beyond reach. Secondly, there’s no self-service option, making it expensive and cumbersome to upload, maintain, and change the content.


Vendor Express sellers must submit content using a Microsoft Word template and a team at Amazon builds it. This Amazon-builds-it-for-you approach differs from Amazon Vendor Express, where vendors can create A+ pages using self-service modules.

Why Enhanced Content Matters

Some sellers with only a few products might find that Vendor Express is worth the effort and expense. If you are planning to go ahead and create enhanced content for your Amazon Vendor Express products, here are several content elements you’ll want to include:

  • Images: Adding compelling product and lifestyle images makes it easier for online shoppers to see what they’re buying.
  • Bulleted lists: When done correctly, these fact nuggets make it clear what the most important features and benefits are of the product.
  • In-depth product information: Some shoppers want to read everything they can about the product. Long-form text gives them thorough information about the product.

A+ content has also been shown to increase shopper engagement while decreasing return rates. If you’re still not sure what it is, be sure to have a look at our guide to Amazon A+ requirements.

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