F-Commerce Faces Challenges

Apparently even Facebook doesn’t get a free ride. Despite their easy takeover of the social media world, F-commerce has yet to overcome serious consumer concerns about security. A recent study by ThreatMetrix shows that over half of consumers who actively use the Internet do not believe Facebook’s storefronts are committed to protecting them against fraud. Of those surveyed, only 20 percent have made a purchase from directly within Facebook.

We know that people are willing to spend online, but even with Facebook’s name recognition, it appears consumers want to know more before opening up their wallets on the social platform.

The other challenge F-commerce must overcome is to better define the social shopping experience. Gavin Sathianathan, Facebook’s strategic partner in the UK, recently remarked that Facebook doesn’t equate social commerce with opening a Facebook store. He goes on to say: “When I talk to retailers about this, I try to make it clear that it’s about how we can bring social media to bear on the purchase process, be that in a Facebook store or not.”

Facebook is trying to give retailers the tools necessary to increase social interaction, but until consumers feel confident that their purchases are secure and get a better understanding of what social commerce is all about, it’s going to take some time before F-commerce truly catches on.

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