Facebook Needs a “Buy” Button

Facebook commerce never took off because the site “failed to realize that people go to Facebook primarily to interact with their friends, and not to shop,” according to a post in Econsultancy.

But that doesn’t mean the social media giant has no role to play in e-commerce.

“Instead of bringing the stores to Facebook, take Facebook to the stores where consumers already do their shopping,” digital marketer Oscar Trelles advises in his Econsultancy piece.

Where’s That Buy Button?

Trelles called on Facebook to introduce a buy button that would allow its users to make purchases elsewhere.

“This could extend to brick-and-mortar stores through gift cards issued on the site or coupons, which are already a popular item offered by brands on their Facebook pages. After all, if people can pay for sow on Farmville, why shouldn’t they be able to pay for a meal?” Trelles asks.

You can read more at econsultancy.com.


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