Facebook Still Not a Good Place to Sell

Facebook might have legions of users, but it has not turned out to be a good platform for selling products. As many commentators have noted, people use Facebook to socialize, not shop.

Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt, is an F-commerce skeptic. Despite having 2,000 shops on the social media platform, Rooke notes that his company “sees fewer sales from our global Facebook presence than from orders originating in New Zealand, where we don’t have a marketing or sales presence, or a country-specific website.”

Still, Rooke hasn’t given up all hope that Facebook will eventually be worth his company’s time and effort. In an Econsultancy post, Rooke says he’s hopeful that Facebook’s Graph Search, which offers search results based on interests and social network connections, will make e-commerce content more relevant to users.

In any case, Rooke recommends that companies continue to experiment with the medium.

“Experience tells me that regardless of the limitations of Facebook, I must pay attention to what’s going on in the social giant,” Rooke notes.

You can read more at econsultancy.com.

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