The Fifth Reason You Should Never Let Amazon Produce Your Product-Page Content

The recent rumor that Amazon is soon to be launching a private-label business in consumables is yet another reminder of why brands should not let Amazon (or any other retailer) produce their enhanced product-page content: Amazon is, or could soon be, your competition.

Think about it: If you sell on Amazon, the company has free access to your vendor sales data, customer demographics, marketing assets, and product details. Amazon has long ago gathered what it needs for the market research necessary to become your competition–the same information they almost always decline to share with their vendors. All they need is a factory to partner with, and voila: They are your competition.

The good news is the AmazonBasics line is not taking the computer accessory, cable, backpack, battery, or office products worlds by storm. But nonetheless, why would you want your present or future competition to play a role in your marketing and merchandising efforts?

You wouldn’t.

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