For Google, High-Quality Content Is Never Wrong

google-logoGoogle recently announced it will be making changes to its search algorithm. These changes always make companies nervous as it can change how high their websites and products show up in search results. Google’s Matt Cutts, in a video explaining the upcoming algorithm update (which Google is calling Penguin 2.0), notes that it is aimed at black hat SEO techniques, but that companies “doing high-quality content” have nothing to worry about.

The folks at Content Marketing Institute (CMI) note that Google has consistently rewarded compelling content and the most recent announcement confirms that the search company plans to continue moving in that direction. The best way for companies to rise to the top of Google search results, according to CMI, is to produce “valuable, problem-solving and/or entertaining content.” CMI recommends focusing on “off-page signals” that point to the usefulness of your site. Some good “off-page” drivers include:

  • Social media mentions (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Articles on industry blogs
  • Media mentions
  • Slideshows

Companies that create compelling content to drive search engine traffic “should be smiling now because the future looks bright for them,” CMI notes. “It looks bright because with each algorithm update, Google gets even better at rewarding good content from authoritative people and brands.”

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