Get Ready to Create Amazon EU Content: A Checklist

Are you considering adding Amazon A+ content to your European product pages? It’s a great idea. Amazon’s European sales already exceed $15 billion annually, and they’re growing 14% year over year. As of January 1, 2015, Amazon EU sites (including Germany, the UK, France, Spain, and Italy) are finally using Vendor Central modules for A+ content, meaning that adding A+ content on these sites no longer requires that you commission a whole separate suite of A+ pages in addition to your Amazon US content.

Whether you’re preparing to sell on Amazon EU sites or are already there, this is a perfect opportunity to create mobile– and search-friendly Amazon product pages in a more efficient, more budget-friendly way than was available before.

However, to successfully create and distribute A+ content, there are several important things to consider. Take our quiz and consult our checklist, and you’ll be a couple steps closer to being ready to sell on Amazon’s European sites (or find you can just congratulate yourself on your stellar planning).

The Checklist

Do you:

  • Have a multi-country content creation plan? We don’t recommend leaving content creation up to individual countries. This is a disorganized and expensive way to create A+ content.
  • Have country-level buy-in? Yes, we strongly recommend creating content centrally, as keeping it within a single team is the best way to ensure your content’s quality and information is consistent. That said, getting your international e-commerce team on board with a plan to create A+ content is crucial.
  • Have a good sense of what your top-selling products are in each country? Assuming you have the green light to begin creating content for your various European markets, you’ll need to know the top-selling products. This is important as it doesn’t always make economic sense to create A+ content for all your products. While it depends on what type of products you sell, a good place to start is the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your products results in 80% of your sales. Invest in that 20% first.
  • Have a translation partner selected? If you know ahead of time that you’re going to be translating content for different markets, write the original English-language content so that it can be easily translated and localized. By doing this, you’ll ensure consistent branding across countries. This also makes it easier to avoid awkward (and more expensive) translations and to enforce quality control. If you work with content26, we can take care of translation for you as part of your content creation project.
  • Have an approval process ready? Ideally, you’ll be translating English content that has already been approved by your marketing team and your legal department. But depending on your relationship with the in-country team, you might want to include native speakers local to your market look at the translated content before considering it ready to upload.
  • Have a Vendor Central login for each country? You won’t be able to create modules without one.
  • Know where the money will come from? You’ll need money for translation, design, and upload fees. These fees vary by country and by your relationship with Amazon. To avoid last-minute scrambling, decide now whether the content creation and upload will be paid for centrally or by each country.

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