Giving Content an Encore with APIs

Has it been a minute since you heard a compelling reason for businesses to create content? Here’s a good one: Pearson, a publishing and tech company, made roughly $2 billion from digital content last year and is repurposing its existing content using APIs, or application programming interfaces, to create new products.

It currently has eight API products, including Eyewitness Guides and Pearson Kitchen Manager, available for subscription. Eyewitness Guides draws geocoded business information about restaurants, hotels, and bars from the Eyewitness Travel Guides series. Pearson Kitchen Manager provides access to over 3,000 recipes from textbooks used by different culinary schools.

Pearson is, of course, in the business of great content and so ideally situated for such an endeavor. But as Get Elastic points out, APIs can also be used internally for accessing and organizing content as well as for commerce. See their examples of shopping APIs–my favorite is Tesco’s South Korean subway store.

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