Good Content is Like a Zombie Sales Associate

Content Never Quits (Just Like Zombies)

Do you own The Zombie Survival Guide? If not, it’s probably because you never gave it to anyone as a present. That book just won’t die in gift-giving circulation. Anyway, now’s the time to turn to what might have previously seemed like a gag gift to brush up on zombie-fighting strategy so you can better appreciate Ann Meany’s post at Content Marketing Institute on what zombies can teach us about creating good content. My favorite: “They [zombies] may be frightening, they may be disgusting, but they will certainly hold your attention… An online audience will come back again and again if they know they’ll find content that delivers useful information in a compelling, authentic, and intriguing way.”

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Revive and Fortify Your Content

Online retailers across the pond are hurting in a serious way from website inefficiencies (suffering a loss of over 8 billion GBP–12.6 billion USD–a year). QuBit, a technology consulting company, analyzed exit information surveys from UK shoppers to pinpoint what, exactly, is causing this massive bleed in e-commerce. Mashable, reporting on the research, offered some recommendations based on the top ten problem areas for conversion. What’s on this list? That’s right, product descriptions. Oh, and images. And video. Basically, a good third of improvement to retail sites has to do with content. As QuBit’s CEO, Graham Cooke, said: “The product information on a website plays the role of the store assistant in an offline store, so you want to make sure its performing at its best.”

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