Google: Keep Product Descriptions Shopper Focused

There has been a lot of speculation recently that Google Shopping is setting its sights on becoming an e-commerce powerhouse that will rival Amazon.

“Google does have the potential to compete head on with Amazon in e-commerce and start gaining market share if they can convince all of their users–not just users that are shopping online–that Google provides the most rich product data and an even more streamlined user experience for shopping,” CPC Strategy CEO Rick Backus recently wrote in a post on the blog Search Engine Land.

Product Descriptions Should Avoid Tech Speak

Google Shopping Senior Product Manager Jon Venverloh recently spoke with CPC Strategy about a variety of topics related to succeeding on the comparison shopping engine. Venverloh offered some pointers on creating effective product titles and descriptions:

  1. Focus on describing the product
  2. Avoid calls to action
  3. Appeal to the shopper

Here’s a quotable quote:

“You should write your titles and descriptions in a way the shopper would understand it,” Venverloh said. “A lot of times we see titles or descriptions written apparently by an engineer who had great technical knowledge of the product…but maybe doesn’t understand the demographics or psychographics of the shopper.”

You can read more about Google’s e-commerce ambitions at and can see the full webinar with Jon Venverloh at

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