Google Search Goes Social

As the only Pinger enamored with Google+, I feel compelled to comment on the new social search function that Google began rolling out this week. Basically, the awkwardly named Search plus Your World adds Google+ information (some of it private) to Google search results. So if I do a Google search for my funny friend Michelle Biloon, my results will include pictures of her new puppy and her latest Google+ rant about Time Warner Cable dropping Fuse music network from its lineup. Those searchers not in Michelle’s Google+ circles will see her website and Wikipedia entry, but will not get to view the cute dog pics. Unless you opt out, search in the future will be a mix of organic and personal results.

Some commentators are already proclaiming a search revolution. The launch definitely has privacy advocates and SEO experts atwitter. To me, it really drives home that brands need to make it easy and fun for users to share information about products on Google+. If I broadcast my latest Target purchase to my Google+ circles, next time a friend is Googling around for picture frames, they’ll likely see my rant on the topic as part of their search results. And it matters what our friends think. While less than half of people trust search engine results, 90 percent trust recommendations from people they know, according to a Nielson study. Anyone know where I can buy some cheap poster-size picture frames that won’t fall apart?

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