Google Tries Shopping Catalogs on for Size

Google CatalogGoogle‘s latest offering is Google Catalogs, where online shoppers can browse hundreds of digital catalogs for the likes of Crate & Barrel, J. Crew, Urban Outfitters.

Google has experimented with digital catalogs in the past, but this time also developed an app for iPad and Android tablets.

Browsing the digital pages of, say,  J. Crew delivers an experience on par with flipping through the clothing company’s glossy print catalog. It’s nearly all about the eye candy. But if J. Crew’s calf hair satchel catches your eye?

Each catalog page sports small “price tags” that indicate what items are for sale. Click on one, and a pop-up window displays not only the buying information but also a product description. The product information can help you decide whether you want to part with $595 for a calf hair purse.

While many of the Google Catalog product descriptions could be better, it’s encouraging that Google recognizes pretty pictures alone are not enough to convert browsers into buyers. We’ll be watching to see if the soon-to-be-launched Google Shopping also hits on a winning combination of attractive images and compelling product descriptions.

You can read more about Google Catalog at

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