A Guide to Amazon Product Page Content

A successful Amazon product page has everything a shopper needs to decide if your product is right for them. With over 480 million products on Amazon’s digital shelf, great content can help your product stand apart.

We’ve written many how-tos on selling through Amazon and have helped hundreds of Amazon vendors set up and rework their pages. With this guide, you’ll learn about different types of content, the elements of a product page, and our tips for getting started.

A Guide to Amazon Product Page Content

What is Essential Content?

Every Amazon product page should have, at minimum, a concise overview of a product’s features and benefits. Essential content on Amazon contains the following elements:

Product Titles

One of the first things customers see when looking at an Amazon product page is its title. Titles create a first impression, so they should succinctly explain what the product is, not what it does (save that for the description). Amazon favors concise titles that follow specific naming conventions.

A Guide to Amazon Product Page Content - Amazon Product Titles

Follow some simple rules when crafting product titles for Amazon: http://content26.com/blog/amazon-product-page-product-titles/


Like titles, bullets are also among the first things customers see when looking at a product page. Bullets present an abbreviated, scannable format of a product’s benefits. Most products require only 3 to 5 bullets, which should be kept to around 80 characters per bullet.

Learn the recommended templates for successful bullet list construction: http://content26.com/blog/write-amazon-bullets/

Product Images

Quality product images appeal to the senses and invite casual browsers to consider a product longer. Images reinforce brand identity and spark emotion by telling stories about a product. They help customers who, unlike those shopping in stores, cannot touch or feel the merchandise. We recommend including as many high-quality photos as your Amazon page will allow.

A Guide to Amazon Product Page Content - Product Images

Get our thoughts on creating persuasive and compelling top-of-the-page product images: http://content26.com/blog/product-images-power-persuade/

Basic Product Description

The product description is your chance to quickly summarize your product in one paragraph, letting customers know exactly what they’re buying. The description should be informative and concise in its explanation of what a product is, how it’s used, and its major features and benefits.

Learn how to write effective product descriptions for Amazon: http://content26.com/blog/essential-product-descriptions-amazon/

What is Enhanced Content?

Amazon allows vendors (but not sellers) to add A+ content to their product pages. Amazon’s enhanced content has the elements of basic content described above, but offers more space for brand storytelling. You’ll find enhanced content in the middle of the product page under the “From the Manufacturer” section.

A+ content contains headers that briefly express the product’s consumer benefits. Amazon enhanced content may also feature extra product photos such as lifestyle images, video, 360 views, comparison charts, and a “What’s in the Box” section.

Purpose and Importance

shot-20160510-2046-tdqyfp - Copy

When it comes to selling online, the product page is the product on the shelf. Enhanced content creates a rich online shopping experience, allowing the customer to get a full sense of a product’s purpose, features, and benefits.

Learn why enhanced content works and what it looks like on an Amazon product page: http://content26.com/blog/what-is-enhanced-content/

Enhanced Content Length

Overly long product descriptions can result in information overload. Yet too-short product descriptions may not provide enough insight for a consumer to make an informed buying decision.

When choosing a length, focus on the handful of key features most likely to benefit the consumer and show off what makes the product unique. Generally, a word count between 250 and 400 words should be sufficient to address the product’s main features and benefits without under- or over-serving the consumer.


See some examples of too long, too short, and just right for enhanced content length: http://content26.com/blog/product-description-word-counts-why-length-matters/

Get Started with Amazon Product Page Content

With so many products sold on Amazon, yours are bound to get buried without a proper strategy. Luckily, you can take measures to stand out by creating effective product pages. Now that you know the elements of essential and enhanced content, delve deeper with our recommended reading:

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Gain more from your Amazon product page by understanding the elements of essential and enhanced content when developing an ecommerce strategy.

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