Hershey’s Kit Kat Product Page is Spooky Good

This Halloween, we want to spotlight some delicious-looking enhanced content. We’ve previously featured pages from Prismacolor, Moen, and Calphalon, and this time, we are showing off the enhanced content for Hershey’s Kit Kat. The A+ content casts a spell on consumers’ taste buds by following many Amazon content best practices with both visuals and text.

Kit Kat enhanced content visuals

Visual Appeal Opens the Door for Sales Magic

A+ content has many benefits for the product page. It improves discoverability and provides a compelling shopping experience that can help break down barriers to purchase. And, as of earlier this year, basic A+ content is free for all vendors.

Different products will benefit from emphasizing different A+ modules. Some products, such as consumer electronics, require more text and written details to allow consumers to research their hearts out. Other products, such as home decor products, need a more visual focus that shows off the item in different spaces.

Regardless of the type of product, compelling visuals are a primary perk of A+ content. They can help consumers “pick up” products they can’t physically hold by providing imagery and details that go beyond what a standard product page typically offers.

The Kit Kat page uses images excellently; the multitude of pictures show off every rich crumb. Even though the images all look related, the page does not feel repetitive. Instead, the common red background ties together some unique images of the Kit Kat: dipped in a coffee cup, breaking to reveal a crispy explosion, in a wrapper next to different sizes.

Text Brushes the Cobwebs off a Well-Known Product

In addition to offering stellar images, the Hershey’s A+ content capitalizes on the opportunity for text that doesn’t belong elsewhere on the product page.

It might seem like there’s not much to say about a basic Kit Kat. However, Hershey takes advantage of the chance to emphasize the wafer bar’s classic appeal, and then tops it off with some fresh ideas for how to use the treat.

While most people are aware of the Kit Kat, the wafer bar has also been reincarnated into different forms. The enhanced content shows off the full product line with a paragraph about the variety of flavors. It also features a paragraph about the size options of Kit Kat. If a consumer is looking for something slightly different, or something additional to sneak into their work desk drawer, the enhanced content cues them into their options.

Kit Kat enhanced content text

Finally, the content fleshes out what you can do with a Kit Kat. The paragraphs at the end offer ways for a consumer to enjoy the treat, giving them added reason to purchase and inspiration for their next Kit Kat recipe.

Even if a consumer can’t physically pick up a Kit Kat as they look online, the enhanced content brings the treat to life through the screen.

Kit Kat enhanced content

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