How to Provide Outstanding Content Anytime, Anywhere [webinar clip]

Today we’re bringing you the first of five video excerpts from our recent content26 webinar “How to Create Successful Multichannel Product Pages.

Why Multichannel Content Matters

Online retailers have different content requirements. When considering whether it makes sense to customize your content for each retailer’s website, keep in mind that even if most of your sales come from Walmart, potential customers are most likely viewing your content on other sites as well. Consider these statistics:

  • A study of shoppers across 32 online retailers found impulse purchases are decreasing and comparison shopping is increasing (New York Times, 2011)
  • 95 percent of online shoppers visit at least two websites before making a purchase, while 51 percent visit four or more (e-tailing group, 2009)
  • Google and Amazon are the top two destinations for product research (Internet Retailer, 2012)

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