How Top Baby Brands Succeed on Amazon

In recent months, the baby category has seen a nearly 60% jump in online sales, with the COVID-19 outbreak causing many new parents to shop from the safety of home. This surge in online shopping for baby-related products comes as no surprise, given the strong preference of millennial consumers (with and without children) have shown to shopping on Amazon.

Shopping for baby products on Amazon offers several advantages which we’ve written about before. Amazon makes it easy for price-conscious parents to compare products. And it also introduces parents to products that can’t be found on local shelves.

Top baby brands that want to benefit from this online growth need to create a winning Amazon strategy focused on content and advertising.

What Top Baby Brands are Doing

This product page for the Ice Gel Teether from Nuby, a top baby brand on Amazon, showcases a strong above-the-fold presence. The carousel images are high-quality and the feature bullets effectively outline the toy’s features and uses.

However, as you scroll down, there are a few things that create potential problems when viewed on mobile–such as blocks of small text embedded in images. This brand has room for improvement on the enhanced content portion of this product page.

Optimizing Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising allows top baby brands to run their own self-service, keyword-targeted search ad campaigns. Essentially driving demand for products as Amazon primarily rewards clicks and sales with higher search placement.

Brands should determine which type of advertising best suits their needs, whether it be a Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Product, or Product Display ad. These options determine where and how an ad is displayed across various search results.

Amazon search ads can be directed to appear on specific product pages, either a similar product sold by the same brand or the product page of a direct competitor.

A search for baby bottle, a highly competitive keyword, in the Amazon Baby category produced a Sponsored Brand ad by Nuk.

It’s important to note that a brand’s individual strategy and budget will determine its approach to advertising and it is not one size fits all.

Proven Strategies to Succeed on Amazon

Successful product pages are able to relay product information to the consumer on items that would normally require physical interaction, such as the folding and unfolding strollers.

This process begins with essential content such as optimized titles, high-quality images, and well-structured bullets. Your product page is your Amazon salesperson and you must rely on them to get the right information to the end user in an effective way.

There are a few proven strategies that can be utilized to help compete with top baby brands.

  • Manage Your Content: Allow the consumer to “experience” the product through the proper management of product details. How does the product fold? Will it fit in your trunk? What other products work well with it? These are questions that we need to answer before the consumer can ask and they can be the deciding factor when converting clicks to sales.
  • Get Your Products Discovered: Amazon advertising is essential to producing more clicks through paid search. Other factors such as product title, sales volume, and availability allow Amazon to determine relevancy and where to rank an item.
  • Leverage Product Page Insights: As the saying goes, the customer is always right. The majority of customers read reviews before making a purchase and it pays for brands to listen. A report by Reevoo Stats determined that 50 or more reviews per product can result in a 5.6% increase in conversion rates and that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a product with reviews.

The Takeaway

Consumers continue to increase their online shopping presence and top baby brands can rely on proven strategies to help drive traffic through Amazon Advertising and detailed product pages.

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