The Ins and Outs of Amazon-Built Content [Slideshow]

Occasionally we hear complaints from our customers that Amazon’s self-service templates are too restrictive. The Vendor Central templates offer limited design options, or so the objection goes. I won’t dive into that debate here, as we’ve already covered it in our Amazon A+ templates slideshow.ce

But first-party vendors wanting to circumvent Amazon’s A+ templates might be in luck. Some vendors (in particular those that sell consumer electronics) are given the option to submit their content to Amazon as HTML or CSS.

Here’s how the Amazon-built A+ process typically works with our clients: The vendor hires content26 to create enhanced content for their most important online marketplaces (each e-retailer has its own content rules and target audience). We write, design, and code an Amazon-specific version of the enhanced content. The content then gets sent to Amazon and Amazon publishes it.

(For those familiar with Amazon Vendor Central, this option is called “Amazon builds for you.”)

Is Amazon-built content a good choice for your product pages? Find out what we think in our latest slideshow.

The content26 Guide to Amazon-Built Content

Or view the guide from content26 on SlideShare.

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