Insights from L2’s Amazon Clinic 2014

On January 23rd, L2 think tank hosted Amazon Clinic 2014 to further L2’s goal to help brands maneuver the changing digital landscape. At this event, speakers focused on the tangled enigma that is Amazon and examined why luxury brands are reluctant to partner with the retail behemoth–and how that might put them at a disadvantage. (Last year, content26 interviewed Andrea Derricks about an L2 report on digital strategies for CPG companies.)

L2 will be releasing a full Amazon Intelligence Report next month. For now, here are glimpses of insight via their delightfully active #AmazonClinic2014 Twitter hashtag.

The presentation covered which companies partner with Amazon, the unadvertised advantages of doing so, and the disadvantages of refusing such a partnership.



…although some brands are sufficiently well known to avoid some of the consequences.

The presentation also looked at user behavior: the consequences of falling off the first page of search results, how the number of user reviews affects views and conversion, and how deeply most consumers dive into available images.

We love when other companies dig into the ins and outs of Amazon (and frequent the LinkedIn Amazon Vendor Central group for just that reason), so we found ourselves refreshing the hashtag feed throughout the morning. We’ll comment on the deeper insights of the report once it comes out next month.

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