It’s Never Too Late to Spring Clean Your Online Content

In the northern hemisphere, spring is already giving way to summer. However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to do a little spring cleaning of your online content.

Econsultancy has created a comprehensive guide to decluttering your online representation. Why should you audit your online content? Much like cleaning out your kitchen cupboards when locating the cinnamon becomes a herculean task, inventorying and reducing your available pages ensures that readers will be able to find the page relevant to them–and that the remaining pages are still something you’d want to serve your customers.

Auditing doesn’t only mean a deleting spree. Like when you shift leftovers between containers, you may find the medium of your content no longer works with customers’ expectation. When you know what you have, it’s easier to have a better understanding of what you need. With more customers and businesses turning to video, you may find text is no longer the best medium for your FAQ. And your company’s history may jump off the page better via your Facebook page’s timeline than in a long scroll of pictures.

Unlike the teetering stack of papers on your desk, your online content won’t physically punish you if you don’t clean it out now and then. However, the headache of frustrated customers and a gradually descending line in your web analytics should be motivation enough.

Find auditing steps and a handy spreadsheet at

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