Jazz Up Your Content, Outsourcing Blues, and Making Music with Neuroscience

The Beat of Creative Content Merchandising

The heart of jazz is the improv notes, the ones that give the song its unique sound. Great talents don’t differ much. Just like jazz music, good content has to stand apart. Practical Ecommerce, in a nine-step guide, encourages online retailers to fight the common and stand out from the crowd by effusing passion, capitalizing on and opening a discussion with repeat customers, actually shopping online, committing to social media, and, my personal favorite, creating unique images and copy. With the rhythm of these suggestions running through your business, your products will rise above the competition.

Read all nine steps at practicalecommerce.com.

Quality Content: Better Outsourced?

A month ago, we opined about Econsultancy‘s article on using in-house copywriters. In that article, Sharon Flaherty argued that your own, full-time copywriters know the products and care about the business. Today, the Econsultancy blog presents another perspective. Tom Albrighton, himself a freelancer, believes creativity will flourish and the profession of writing will mature through the practice of freelancing. Just like Flaherty’s article, the comments below are one of the best parts of the article.

Check out the article and the comments at econsultancy.com/blog.

Using Other People’s Brains for Successful Merchandising

On Video Commerce, Grant Crowell delves deep into the new concept of neuromarketing, or using brain science to determine best practices for marketing. While Crowell is a video dude, the idea of using hard science to drive creative fields makes sense for written content as much as video. To better investigate this practice, he interviewed Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence, which looks at the way the brain responds to various marketing attempts. Think psychology for marketers. While ROI is still up in the air for this one, with an average $25-$50k investment for test results, it is certainly an option worth putting your brain–or other people’s–into.

Investigate the concept at video-commerce.org.

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