Keeping it Fresh and a Turn Toward Meditation

Fresh Never Looked So Good

Our good friends at Google are at it again with yet another update to their ever changing search algorithm. According to a recent article on TechCrunch, the new release is aimed at bringing the freshest of fresh content to the top of your search results. Tired of searching for current news and seeing irrelevant articles from 2006? Worry no more. Google claims roughly 35 percent of search results will be impacted (that is a whopping one out of every three searches for those who prefer simplified metrics). The “freshness update” continues the movement towards the belief that the most pertinent search results are most closely attributed to what is relevant now. Looks like the race is on to keep your content freshest in the class.


Revamp Your Product Descriptions by Turning Inward

From time to time, we all have to face an unavoidable fact about the production of written content: it gets repetitive. Maintaining a clear, concise voice for product description after product description can feel like a Sisyphean endeavor. But according to Farnoosh Brock, it doesn’t have to be that way. Over at Copyblogger, Brock recommends a way to overcome tired ideas and cluttered minds: turning inward and meditating. In a world where our usual impulse may be to reach externally for the closest tool, Brock insists that crafting a solo, at-home meditation practice allows us to unlock our best ideas and maintain a state of mind where we can continue to do so as we improve our meditation practice. In the spirit of the upcoming World Day of Interconnectedness, it may be the perfect time to set aside any skepticism and see what meditation can do for e-commerce.


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