Key Metrics for Evaluating Your Mobile E-Commerce Site

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to mobile versions of e-commerce sites, so I know it’s not a level playing field out there. Regardless of where your mobile site lands on the scale of good-to-bad, it’s important to know how much traffic your site is experiencing. A recent post on Mashable shares three key metrics that will help when evaluating your mobile site performance.

The “ABCs of Mobile Metrics” as Mashable calls them are: acquisition, behavior, and conversion. Acquisition is merely tracking the total number of visits, how many different people visit, and the total number of times each page is viewed. Behavior provides a look into how users interact within your site. It looks at how many pages are visited, how much time is spent on the site, and measures the bounce rate (which tells you how quickly a user leaves once they arrive). Conversion relates to how many site visitors actually go on to purchase something and what the average size per order is when a shopper checks out.

Each of these metrics will provide insight into the total traffic that comes via mobile devices and how important a mobile site is for your company. In order to get the most relevance from mobile metrics, make sure you’re tracking desktop traffic in conjunction so you have a cross-comparison. As mobile shopping increases, it’ll be crucial to know how these changing trends affect your e-commerce site.

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