Know Your Content Options for AmazonFresh

amazon-freshAmazonFresh recently began giving some food brands the option to add enhanced content to their product pages. The move towards better product page content comes as no big surprise given the competition faced by Amazon’s online grocery delivery service.

The bad news about AmazonFresh’s take on enhanced content is that Amazon’s content and design restrictions result make it challenging to create robust product pages. For brands accustomed to creating A+ content using Amazon’s self-service modules, AmazonFresh content looks clunky in comparison. Additionally, AmazonFresh content does not appear to show up when shopping on the mobile version of the site.

Getting the Content Right

If you decide to add enhanced content to your AmazonFresh product pages it’s important to set proper expectations with your team. Here is what you need to know:

  • Budget for content: Currently, Amazon builds all AmazonFresh content (no self-service modules available), so make sure you know what your Amazon-related costs will be.
  • Use Microsoft Word: Yep, you heard us right. There are no self-service modules for creating content like in other Amazon departments. You need to create, design, and deliver your content in a Microsoft Word document formatted exactly how you want the content to look on the page. Images also need to be sized correctly.
  • Write short content: Keep it extremely short. You’re officially allowed about 1,200 characters for the two main sections, so concision is key.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t try to create fancy product pages. Your design options are extremely limited.
  • Be patient: Since Amazon is building this content, once you’ve submitted the content, be prepared to wait approximately two weeks for your page to go live.
  • Double check: You can’t go in and update these pages yourself, so make sure you get everything right the first time around.

Making It Look Good

Even with these restrictions, you can build effective, nicely branded product pages on AmazonFresh. Check out this one from Klondike.



Because of the special content requirements for AmazonFresh, you will need to take a different approach from other online channels. Here are our suggestions for making your AmazonFresh content look good:

Use great visual assets. According to studies, shoppers want good imagery when buying consumer packaged goods online. Ideally, you should provide your content team with as many lifestyle images as possible. One great use of lifestyle images is to tie them to specific product features.

If you don’t have any lifestyle photos, never fear. As you can see in the Klondike example, some of these can be images to related products, which is great for cross-selling within the product family. But be aware that AmazonFresh does not allow linking, so shoppers will have to search for the related products.

Include boilerplate text. You can flesh out your brand story by providing marketing copy that provides additional information about the product family. Having content in addition to the basic product description also makes it easier to add additional images.

Tell shoppers what’s in the box. It’s no secret that we’re big fans of ensuring shoppers know exactly what they’re going to get. Usually this information is in the title, but it’s never a bad idea to include it in the copy as well.

Know Your Options

For clients who are unimpressed by the limited content options available on AmazonFresh, we usually tell them they should consider beefing up their content elsewhere. If you use Webcollage to syndicate your content to sites such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Sam’s Club, you have the option of adding all kinds of enhanced content to your product pages.


We’ve seen recipes, nutrition information, pack shots, and more.


The Takeaway

AmazonFresh has very different content requirements from other channels. You’ll be happiest with your AmazonFresh pages if you plan your content to take advantage of AmazonFresh features.

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