LavaCon 2015 Twitter Summary: Content Still Matters

LavaCon 2015 attendees took their week-long party to New Orleans this year, which means there were as many sequenced and feathered costumes as there were perspectives on the role and power of content. So while the scene was remarkably different from last year’s in Portland, Oregon, the fundamental message stayed the same: content is important.

This year, speakers presented data and metrics about the financial rewards that come with paying attention to content. We were excited to see analytical focus reflected in our colleagues’ talks, as this approach is right in line with our ever-expanding focus on using data to improve content.

Of course, there were moments for grammar nerds and the business-minded alike, with conversations on the serial comma, team building, company silos, and more. If all this sounds worth reading, it’s because it is.

Enjoy our summary of the week’s highlights!

LavaCon 2015 Summary: Content Still Matters
Content26 covers this year’s LavaCon in the Big Easy.

One of the first sessions on Sunday focused on the inherent relationship between content and business processes. Have a look…

And @mrcruce shared a great piece of evidence on how UA and UX can make content more powerful and better for business.

Of course there were plenty of perspectives on content strategy.

And with so many great ideas floating around, and not all of them were about business. Content folks know how to play as hard as they work, and the play was as diverse as the talent.

We heard that familiar and important rallying cry to break down business silos for the good of the company and the product.

And again and again, we saw a focus on content agility. This covered everything from frequent content inventory, to content repurposing or creating evergreen content, to new and ever-evolving content evaluation systems.

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