Leave Mobile in the Dust

These days, since it seems like everyone has the Internet in their pockets or soon will, companies are rolling out mobile strategies like it’s a matter of life or death. But what if it isn’t? What if companies spent less time re-formatting their strategy with every new technology, and spent more time focused on what really matters: the customer relationship and getting products into consumer hands?

Stefan Schmidt, at Agile Commerce, says that progressive brands should be looking beyond smartphones, and even beyond tablets. And they should be looking, not to the next technology, but to a multichannel world in which products and customer relationships take priority, no matter how they happen.

Keeping Focused on the Message

His argument goes like this: technology itself is not disruptive; larger concepts such as the constantly-connected consumer have already disrupted e-commerce. Online sellers should lift their eyes from the medium, such as phones or computers, to see the big picture of products and consumers. New gadgets will become old, and while they might show holes in how your organization is structured, there is no need to reinvent your company every time a new medium appears.

Essentially, if you start ignoring technologies and thinking big picture, your company will be flexible enough to meet the challenges of any shiny new device.

At Content Ping, we think the same way about content. There’s no need to reinvent your product content every time your items show up on a new channel. There may be times to tweak the content, and there are plenty of times you will need to alter the design of your enhanced product descriptions, but the message should not change no matter what platform you’re on.

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