Lowe’s and Sears Look to Upgrade Services

Lowe’s Offers New Service

Hardware Giant Lowe’s is offering its customers what seems to be a smart new online service. Set to launch this week, “MyLowe’s” will offer a personalized online account that will let users make their own home profiles, create dedicated project folders, and track and store all purchases and activity. The goal is to distinguish Lowe’s from its competitors and generate loyalty. Also notable–the service will be available on in-store terminals.

This new service aims to emulate many of the features that makes sites like Amazon so immensely successful, including making item recommendations based on interests or past activity. By the way, following Amazon’s lead is usually not a bad idea. MyLowe’s will also provide hardware-specific offerings, such as recurring orders and room planning. All in all, this personalized customer outreach seems like a step in the right direction.

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Free Shipping (Sorta) from Sears

We reported last month on a study that found that “70% of U.S. shoppers won’t purchase via online shopping cart systems if the shipping costs more than $4.99.” Nordstrom recently eliminated shipping fees for consumers, and now Sears joins the list of savvy online retailers who’ll waive shipping, at least through the holidays. To qualify for the savings, shoppers will have to spend at least $99 at Sears.com and $49 at Kmart.com on a single transaction. Sandra Jones of the Chicago Tribune reports “the average shopper plans to conduct about 36% of holiday shopping online this year,” so it’s no wonder companies are making the change.

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