Luminate and Gamification: Rich Media and Richer Media

Game Your Way to Consumer Loyalty

At the risk of suggesting that what we do is becoming obsolete–make no mistake, it is not–I want to direct your attention to exciting happenings in the world of visual content. Gamification, for one. Game use as a marketing strategy is on the rise. Mashable gives us a quick rundown of the why and how, and more importantly, early evidence of its success. Retailers have found that implementing this kind of content goes a long way toward increasing brand engagement. Most notable: “Word-of-mouth marketing has taken off recently, and companies have realized it can have a significant effect on brand visibility.”

Perhaps game strategies are a way for companies to get a modicum of control over the increasingly powerful advertising force of word of mouth. So my question is, when will Google buy Angry Birds to drive traffic toward their new shopping-to-save-endangered-species initiative (to be announced early 2012)?

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Interactive Images Complete the Content Loop

Luminate, a rich media tech company, is on a mission to make images across the web interactive. The company provides tools for static images that allow users to share them on Facebook (with a comment), shop for a product pictured, read more about something pictured, or find similar products. Luminate currently has seven tools for retailers to use with site images, but the possibilities are endless. I’m imagining a better union of written content and product images, where each one leads to the other and they become a perfect merchandising circle.



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