M-Commerce: Mobile Shoppers are Task Oriented

As we and many others have discussed more than a little, smartphones and tablets have become an intimately connected part of online retail. Retailers and manufacturers without good online content are in the minority (and will suffer accordingly), and the same may soon be the case for those without good mobile-optimized content.

Retail blog Practical eCommerce recently did a Q&A with Brian Horakh, CEO of the 12-year-old e-commerce solutions company Zoovy. Because his company has done well for more than a decade, you might guess Horvakh would have some insight. You’d be right.

This post gives good pointers on mobile optimization for those who want, or need, to learn. Horakh talks about variables specific to the mobile shopper: they are likely in bed, on the couch, or on the go. They are more likely to access mobile retail sites at certain hours of the day–like when they’re just waking up or commuting home from work. Another distinguishing characteristic of the mobile shopper–domesticated or wild–is that he or she is less often a browser and more often a task-oriented visitor. Whereas a home-desk lollygagger or deadbeat office employee might leisurely peruse Amazon.com, mobile shoppers often know what they want and when they want it.

Read the full Q&A at practicalecommerce.com.

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