Merchandising vs. Marketing: Movies

In the left panel, two friends watch a movie trailer on a laptop. In the right panel, the same two people watch a movie in the theater.

What’s the point of a movie trailer? To get people in the theater watching the movie. Once they’re in the theater, the plot development–and script, acting, and creative forces–are responsible for delivering the experience a good movie trailer promises.

Similarly, the point of marketing content is to get people in stores or on product pages viewing your product. Once it’s done that, the merchandising content takes over. Product-page content is in charge of delivering on the promise marketing content makes–that your product and brand are worthy of the consumer’s attention and dollars.

You do this with merchandising content by demonstrating your ability to talk about the value of your product to the consumer. And then, of course, you just have to make an awesome product.

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