Mobile B2B; Shipping Affects Holiday Shopping

Mobile Optimization Surprisingly Crucial for B2B

For weeks now, we at Content Ping have been singing the virtues of optimizing your online merchandising content for mobile access. Until now, the focus has been on business-to-consumer benefits, but a new finding from TriComB2B and the University of Dayton indicate that online research  of products is become prevalent among B2B buyers as well. According to the studies, “more than half (59%) of B2B purchase decision-makers and influencers had used a smartphone to gather” product-feature content. June 2011 data from Google showed that only one third of U.S. advertisers had mobile-optimized sites. That disconnect is even more critical for B2B marketers because content such as data sheets and catalogs suffer greatly in un-optimized mobile form.

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More Holiday Chatter: Shipping Costs

There’s already been plenty of dialogue among blogs and news about the ever-earlier holiday shopping season, but the latest report from ZippyCart is full of interesting data, so we didn’t want to keep it from you. Much of the data centers on shipping; according to the article, “70% of U.S. shoppers won’t purchase via online shopping cart systems if the shipping costs more than $4.99.” Notably, but perhaps not surprisingly, about one third of those surveyed said they’d be relying on online browsing more than going to stores this year.

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