Navigating Amazon Content Requirements

Creating enhanced content for Amazon can be tricky, regardless of how long your company has been selling online. There are multiple approaches to A+ content creation, and as soon as you get comfortable Amazon tends to change all the rules and make you start back at square one. That’s why we at content26 have made it our business to learn what can be learned about the perplexing labyrinth of content on Amazon. We’re here to guide you through the maze, starting with this handy flowchart:

How to Navigate Amazon Content Requirement

You’ll notice that all paths – whether you are just getting started with selling on Amazon, or want to sell more effectively – end in content26 being able to help. Not sure whether you want to sell through Vendor Central, Seller Central, or Central Express? Haven’t heard about modules, or their ever-changing nature? Make sure you click on the flowchart infographic to see the full version with clickable links, as they’re full of valuable information.

Why do you need content for Amazon? Simply listing your items to sell on Amazon isn’t guaranteed to give you the results you want. Bolstering your product listings with “enhanced content,” including well-written, information-rich copy, is proven to raise conversions not only online, but also in physical stores. Figuring out how to create content for Amazon is only the beginning; figuring out how to give your customers the information they need to feel confident buying your products is the next, and arguably more important chapter.

Perhaps your journey through the flowchart took you along the path to the far right, and you have no desire to sell on Amazon at all. They may be the biggest game in town, but they’re definitely not the only option. Content26 can also help you prepare content for Costco, Walmart, NewEgg, and many other top online retailers. We’re familiar with the requirements for sites that accept hard-coded HTML content, and work closely with Webcollage to create syndicated product tours that appear on dozens of top retailers.

The Takeaway

Though we fancy ourselves experts in traversing the ever-changing landscape of Amazon content, we are also well versed in the content requirements needed to sell on the majority of the world’s online retail sites. Amazon just tends to make it the most difficult. We can help you get set up on all the sites you want to sell your products, and from there we can work together to create the high-quality, unique content customers prefer when buying online.

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